Building a future together!

Romanian Madalina and her husband both work at PostNL, they came to the Netherlands several years ago to build a future for their family. Madalina has made great strides in the right direction at PostNL in recent years and has been fully justified in calling herself ‘assistant team leader’ for the past 1.5 years. Madalina and her husband study weekly to master the Dutch language. They have a daughter together; she has already mastered the Dutch language.

Enough reason for SVK Personeelsdiensten for a short interview!

1. Tell us something about yourself, how long have you been working at SVK and how did you come into contact with SVK?

“My name is Madalina and I have been working for SVK Personeelsdiensten for 3 years now. I came in contact with SVK through an acquaintance, since then I have never left. I really enjoy working here.”

2. How is your career at SVK going now, where did you start and where are you working now and for how long?

“I started at PostNL, where I still work today. My first department was mail sorting and I progressed to Assistant Team Leader. I have been working as an Assistant Team Leader for 1.5 years now.”

3. How have you experienced the communication with SVK over the years?

“My communication with SVK is great and has always gone well. If I have a small problem they are always there to help me out.”

4. How have your living conditions been since you joined SVK?

“It is very good. I live with my husband and we enjoy the place where we stay. We have lived in the same house almost since the beginning and with our stuff, we have made it like home.”

5. Would you like to live in the Netherlands for a long time? And what are your dreams for the future?

“I would like to stay in the Netherlands all my life. And my dreams for the future are to stay here, work where I am working now and continue to build my life here.”

6. Are you planning to learn Dutch?

“Yes, it would be easy to communicate and since my daughter already speaks Dutch, it will also be great for our personal lives aswell.”